Tuesday, March 2, 2010

One, Two, Three - He's Out!

Remember in yesterday's blog, that KC played so hard with Syd that he fell asleep in the bug on the way home?!? Well, that whole Saturday, KC was out! We came home and this is what he did...

He slept so hard that the chickens were pecking all around him! KC didn't even bat an eye!! Look, I've got proof...

All day Brian kept asking me "What did you do with that dog?"

I even took a close up of KC's nose. Still wouldn't wake up!

He manage to mustard up the energy to eat dinner but went right back to this...
The kid was out that entire Saturday afternoon and evening!  Boy, that day, the rest of the Seehafer gang had a great calm and quiet Saturday.  Thanks again Syd!  Hope we see you soon!! 

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