Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Chicken Whisperer

Let me introduce you to Andy Schneider... aka "The Chicken Whisperer." Andy is the guru guy of chickens. He knows everything about them!! Andy is probably the biggest influence and reason (in my opinion) on why lots of urban homes now have chickens.

This picture is provided from his website:

Andy has a wonderful radio show that I encourage everyone to listen to!

You can get to his radio show through his websites below:

He's also coming to Columbia Tennessee on April 3rd!!

If you're in Tennessee or love to travel, please come on Saturday, April 3 at 9am to:
Columbia Farm Supply, LLC
170 Bear Creek Pike
Columbia, TN 38401

I'm so excited and I WILL BE THERE!! Brian doesn't know yet but he's going too!!... even more exciting!

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