Friday, May 29, 2009


"A wonderful life is joy and sorrow, light and dark, gain and loss, change and growth."

Jon Katz, Autor

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A view...

A view I see every morning on my way to work and every evening going back home.

That's my sweet little 1965 Volkswagen Beetle, Roxanne. Yes, I named her! Anything 44 years old and still running on the road desires to have a name.

Who's got the bigger pumpkin plant?

Let's check in on the plants.
Brian's plant....

Front view of Brian's plant....

My plant is in front and Brian's plant is the one TAKING UP ALL of the background in the picture!


Thought for today...

"This is my purpose, my challenge, to live my life, to learn and grow every single day, to do good, find love, be loving and to learn that life is, in fact, a blend, that there is no love without pain, no meaning without fear, no change without loss."

Jon Katz, Autor

These are flowers by the mailbox.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Roost... day three

This was the result of day three on the girls roost. The structure is heavy duty, 32 square feet of absolute luxury! The girls have a custom built ladder to their two story cottage home with removable roof for the hot summer nights. Also included in cottage, many windows for ventilation, second story outside deck, large screen door for me and outdoor kitchen. The girls are pushing for a swimming pool... that's probably a "no" on that! We've still got to put on the tin roof (sounds great in the rain), fencing around the outside of the whole structure (for safe keeping of the girls) and paint. The girls will have a beautiful cottage thanks to Brian! THANK YOU BRIAN!!

The baby girls!

Here are the girls! They are getting so big, very alert and curious about everything! If it's new, they have to peck at it. They are starting to spread their wings and are actually trying to fly! They dive bomb each other, not sure if that is their intention or... miscalculation... still trying to figure that one out. We are now starting to see each of their personalities. Brian's girl, Pumpkin is so sweet and will sit in your hands. My girl, Pearl Bailey is sassy... of course.

Refrigerator Art

World meet Tiffani. Tiffani is ten years old, our neighbor, our friend and a beautiful young lady. Not only is she a wonderful artist, she is a animal lover and an expert on dogs. I borrowed this painting from her to show it off on the blog. I've got to take it back to Tiffani's mom tonight. This is one of my favorite painting of Tiffani's. The little woman is very talented! BEAUTIFUL WORK TIFF!! We love you!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Pumpkin Chronicles

Just a pumpkin update. The first picture was May 17th and the last picture May 26th. Notice the growth of the ole girl! The plant is doing wonderful. Expect very good results from her. We're keeping our fingers crossed!

The Roost!

Here's the girls new pad! Brian has gone above and beyond the call of a husband!! I believe he did it more for the girls (baby chicks) then me. This was only the first two days. I forgot to take pictures of the third day. The girls are in it right now but only in the nesting house part. It's all enclosed, safe, warm and still located in the garage. The girls are only two weeks old but they are growing like weeds!!

Jack Daniel's Distillery

Lynchburg Tennessee is so beautiful! I love it out there. I was so busy looking around, I forgot to take pictures of the land around Lynchburg.

Here is the safe Jack kicked, got lead poisoning and eventually was the cause of his death. Cool, isn't it! That's Brian in the picture.

A Jack Daniel's saying....

The distillery is one the oldest registered distillery in the United States. All of Jack Daniel's Whiskey is made, packaged and distributed from Lynchburg to around the world. I'm ready for a "Tour Guide" job there!

Memorial Day

We took some time off this holiday weekend. Took a trip to Lynchburg Tennessee (see Jack Daniel Distillery) with my father-in-law and built "THE ROOST." I'll get the picture out to everyone soon!

Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Memorial Day!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

For Mrs. Humphreys and garden lovers

We started raised veggie beds this year. See Bubba in the back. I think he likes his picture taken!



I started the herb bed last year. They are doing wonderful this year!

The Pumpkin Chronicles

I have forgot to mention what kind of pumpkin plants these two are...Atlantic Goliath Pumpkin. The top picture was taken on Tuesday May 19th and the next one was this morning. It grows inches every day! (Those are my wonderful father-in-law's legs in the picture.) Brian has been progressively growing them bigger every year. The biggest one in the Seehafer record book is 600 pounds! Brian is going for much bigger this year. He has invested in two good seeds from great pumpkin genetic lines. The record in 2007 was 1689 pounds by Joe Jutras from North Scituate, Rhode Island (info from I know Brian will want to tell everyone more about this. He wants to do "The Pumpkin Chronicles." He's very excited about this year!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Going for a drive

This is our little man, William Jake. He has started taking the car out for a spin every evening as soon as I get home from work...not sure what he does or where he goes.

Brian and I are just amazed William Jake can even reach the pedals. Good cat.

Say "Cheese" or "Sausage"?

In this household we do a bunch for treats! Posing for pictures is a new concept here.

After several attempts...

William Jake (the cat) walking by....

Tootie being Tootie....

Yes, one brief moment. From left to right, Tootie, Bubba McCloud and RueRue are still. A picture is taken. Life is good!

Monday, May 18, 2009

There she grows

Brian wanted to up date everyone on the pumpkin. The first picture was taken on May 15th and the second one was taken only two days later on May 17th. Look at how she's grown! Brian has informed me that he would like to put a progress picture of the pumpkin every two days. You'll really see her grow! Stay tuned!!

Fruits...Veggies of Labor

Our first harvest of this year! We've got juicy light green lettuce leaves, French Breakfast radishes and some good spinach.

Bring it on cat

Mama Cat had to see the chicklets.

I believe I heard Pearl Bailey say "Bring it on cat!"

I think all the girls will be just fine together.

New additions to the Seehafer Family

Here they are! The girls are Brahma Chickens. They came from three sweet friends...Scott, Stasia and their daughter Cameron. Ms. Cameron along with her mother's help, picked out the girls for us. We're hooked on chickens!! The girls are the sweetest and cutest little baby chicklets. They are staying inside the house for right now, safe and sound. There's Sophia, Rose, Blanche, Dorothy, Pearl Bailey and last but not least, guess who named that one!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Comparing pumpkins

Here's the husband. Brian starts off every morning tending to the pumpkin.

Let's check in on his pumpkin... she's a beauty and three weeks old!

Let's check on mine... hmmm...

Brian's pumpkin...

My pumpkin.... hmmmm.... something's not right.