Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Roost... day three

This was the result of day three on the girls roost. The structure is heavy duty, 32 square feet of absolute luxury! The girls have a custom built ladder to their two story cottage home with removable roof for the hot summer nights. Also included in cottage, many windows for ventilation, second story outside deck, large screen door for me and outdoor kitchen. The girls are pushing for a swimming pool... that's probably a "no" on that! We've still got to put on the tin roof (sounds great in the rain), fencing around the outside of the whole structure (for safe keeping of the girls) and paint. The girls will have a beautiful cottage thanks to Brian! THANK YOU BRIAN!!


  1. This looks AWESOME!!! Im going to get Brian make me a get away house LOL

  2. Brian does a great job on everything he touches!! The girls house is incredible!