Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nashville Lawn and Garden Show Part 1

The Nashville Lawn and Garden Show was this past weekend.  Brian and I always go for ideas for the spring and summer.  This year seemed more art oriented with beautiful sculptures, fountains and plant arrangements.  I really loved this entry...
Here's another entry.  Brian and I loved the idea of the tree stumps cut and used for the pathway... plus I really liked the old Chevy car!
There were beautiful stone and plant arrangements everywhere... all great ideas, that's why I really bring the camera with me... oh, plus the blog of course.
I really like this mosaic tile caterpillar with leaf.  It's inspired me to try some mosaic tile projects this year.
Notice this flower basket, take a really good look at the basket it's self... it's a vine!  Just incredible.  
I'll have Part 2 tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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