Monday, March 1, 2010

New Best Friends

This is Sydney. I work with Syd's dad, Brian. We thought we'd get these two together for a play date.

At first Syd wanted nothing to do with KC. She barked at him, wouldn't go near him and thought he was a goob... I added that one in. So, to get them use to each other, we took them for a long walk together (that's what Ceasar would do) and amazingly it worked!

Those two played for two hours straight! They took some drink breaks but it was on!

They played and played and played! Bumping, jumping, running and punching... KC started using his paw on Syd. Syd had some smooth moves too! If I had to guess, Syd won! Syd has wisdom on her side. She's two years old and KC is only 9 months.

After a great morning with his new best friend Syd, this is what KC looked like on the way home... asleep in the bug.

I've got more to tell about the rest of that Saturday... I'll leave that for tomorrow's blog!

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