Monday, August 23, 2010

Ms. Georgia May Needs A Home

A call out for help to find a kitten a good loving home...

This is Ms. Georgia May. Right now she resides at my place of work. The boys called me two weekends ago to tell me we have a cat here. We all think she's actually a victim of May's big flood here in Nashville... case in point Ms. Georgia "MAY."

Oh, the drawers and shelves are from a room upstairs that we are turning into another edit bay here at Rock Creative Images.

She is a little doll! Ms. Georgia never came up to anyone before but all of a sudden two weekends ago, when the guys were working, she made herself known! She's now everyones little buddy!

She waits now at the back door to be fed, petted and meows when she's lonely... by the way, that kitten has got a great pair of lungs... the guys upstairs can hear her when she meows!

We believe she's about 9 to 12 months old. Tomorrow morning I am taking her to VetMed to be spayed and get all her shots. By the end of week Ms. Georgia May will be ready for adoption! If anyone out there needs/wants a sweet, beautiful baby girl kitten, she it! Holler at me!!

Thanks everybody!!

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