Tuesday, August 17, 2010

An August Morning

Mama and Katie enjoying the open front door view.

A bunch has happened this weekend. You all know about Katie. She's still with us. Joe, the rooster was also very sick. This past Saturday, I had to take him to his vet, Dr. Corwin of Airport Animal Clinic. Dr. Corwin specializes in exotic pets... he's also Trigger's (the rabbit) doctor. Joe had a fever, fighting a yeast infection in his gut, depression and still had lice eggs on him but no live lice. I was the cause of his yeast infection. LEARN FROM ME... do not give a chicken the wrong antibiotics plus if you do give antibiotics to chickens, be sure to give probiotics. An antibiotic kills the infection but also kill the good bacteria in their system they need. Dr. Corwin said Joe had a 50/50 chance of making it through the weekend. If he would make it to Monday, we'd be somewhat out of the woods. Dr. Corwin sent us home with the right antibiotic, another medicine and a spray for the lice (spray Joe and the girls every other day). It was touch and go with Joe. We've had him inside all weekend and yesterday. I would check in on him every half hour to hour. Telling him to get better and that his girls needed him. Monday morning came... I went in checking on him, he was standing up! His tail feather were up and fluffy! He seemed back to himself again. And this morning, Brian and I hear a crow coming from the back bedroom. " JOE IS CROWING" we scream!! It's the best sound I've hear in a long time!! We let Joe out to see the girls for a bit. He tried to crow five more times. Joe's still a little weak but doing well. Brian is watching him closely and has strict instructions to put Joe back in if the weather gets too hot. He'll still be spending the nights inside till he's 100%.

Now news on Brian's pumpkin, it didn't make it. The pumpkin ended up getting "blossom end riot" plus Brian purchased some dirt to cover the vines over with and that dirt had some bad pathogens. It started killing the vine... not good. The other pumpkin plant under the peach tree is doing very well. That plant didn't get any of that dirt, it's surviving. There's a pumpkin on that plant. Brian thinks it weights in around 300 pounds. I'll pictures of both the pumpkin plants soon.

Seehafer Farm is going through changes, some good, some bad but such is life on a farm... or anywhere else.

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