Monday, August 9, 2010

A Good Lesson Learned

First of all, Joe is ok. I realized Saturday morning that haven't heard Joe crow for the past couple of days. I started to watch him all morning... noticed that Joe was weak and tired. I caught him really easy, which I know he's not feeling well, started picking at his feathers and saw all the body lice on him! I was feeling so bad about not seeing this earlier.

I took the poultry powder, dusted him with it and watched him the rest of the day. He wasn't doing any better so I sprayed him down with the hose. It took most of the dead ones off and made him feel a bit better. As soon as Brian got home we took out the "Chicken Health Handbook" and read that dog shampoo with permethrin (a plant based) will work on chickens.

Well, Joe got a bath. He is such a good rooster. We found the eggs attached to the base of his feathers under his wings. We cut most of them out and will dust him off again tonight.

We fed him worms for protein and Brian is heading for the Co-op for vitamins and electrolytes for me to put in the water. I cleaned out the roost and dusted that down too. We're going to kill these bugs! I also read that heavily feathered breeds like Polish and Cochin have to be watched for these bugs. I'll be inspecting him at least once a week now. The girls are fine. They take dust baths that help keep control of the bugs but I've NEVER seen Joe take a dust bath. He'll need extra care and love. We really do love that rooster.

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