Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Long story short, I found Ms. Georgia May's parents!! I took her into VetMed this morning to get her shots and spay. The wonderful Dr. Gables called me to tell me that she has a scar where they make an incision for spaying. It got me thinking, I started looking on petfinders.com in the lost "pages." I found nothing but read about a cat that had been micro-chipped. I call Tracy over at VetMed to see if they could see if she's been micro-chipped. Well, low and behold, Ms. Georgia May is micro-chipped!! We got the name, address and phone numbers to her mom and dad. I just got off the phone with her dad AND THEY ARE SOOOOO HAPPY!! Ms. Georgia May is really Mercredi, it's French for Wednesday. Mercredi's mom has been calling for her every night since she disappear on July 3rd... just amazing. They love her and missed her very much. Tonight the family will be reunited and I'm so happy!!

There you have it, GREAT NEWS!

Thank you Lord!

William Jake is getting micro-chipped soon!

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