Friday, July 10, 2009

A trip to see Dr. Nicole, our favorite Vet!

Brian was the first to notice something was wrong with Dorothy's leg on Saturday (July 4th) and we brought her in on Sunday morning to tend to her. We believed that somehow she bruised her leg. We cleaned it up and put her in the cat carrier for a couple of days to keep her from using the leg to give it time to heal. Dorothy still wasn't standing on it, Brian started to think that maybe she fractured it. It was time to see Dr. Nicole! Angel was also going in for a "geriatric" check up... he's 15 years old.

Here we are preparing to go to the vet... Mama's in the back supervising...

and here we are at the Vet.

Angel was not to happy about any of this! Can you tell?!?! See his nose?!?! He did really good for the girls though.

Ms. Dorothy, on the other hand... or foot, was ready to see Dr. Nicole! She really liked visiting even though her leg was broken. Dr. Nicole and Jessica got her all fixed up with an X-ray AND LOTS OF LOVE! Dorothy's leg was already on the mend! She's going to have to spend a couple of weeks inside and off that leg... doctor's orders! Then she'll go back outside with her sisters.

Dorothy even made it on their blog site!
Look here:

We all love Dr. Nicole, Jessica, Vicki and everyone else with VetMed Animal Health Clinic!! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!

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