Thursday, July 30, 2009

Old Hickory Tennessee

"The Old Hickory area is best known for being a former company town as the site of a large DuPont plant. Many of the houses in Old Hickory were built to house Dupont employees and supervisors in the early days of the factory's existence."

Check out:

The scenic views around the village was just filmed in Hank William Jr.'s music video "Red, White and Pink Slip Blues."

"Old Hickory is bordered by the Cumberland River on the north and west, Old Hickory Lake to the east, and the city of Lakewood, Tennessee to the south. To the north of the area is also the location of Old Hickory Lock and Dam. The main street through the area is Old Hickory Boulevard (State Route 45). This is the North Entrance to Old Hickory, Tennessee, on the Old Hickory bridge over the Cumberland River."

The Community Pavilion...

Maisie's Restaurant was featured on Tennessee Crossroads... one of my favorite shows!

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