Friday, July 31, 2009

Estate Sale this morning!

I got up early (went yesterday too) to check out this estate sale. The house and barn was full of great things. Guess what I forgot to do when I was there, TAKE PICTURES... BOTH TIMES I WAS THERE!! I've got to get use to taking pictures all the time now. I have a responsibility to get our story out there... yeah right! I'm just having so much fun with this blog! Anyway, I got a picture of the things I got this morning, an old beautiful blanket, two hand painted Italy decorative dishes and wooden harvest basket. Yesterday I got an old cow bell and two vintage kitchen aprons.

On my way out, I saw cows in a pasture and thought, "that would make great pictures."

Then, the girls got curious about me! This one wanted the camera.

The rest of the girls started showing up for morning coffee...

she took her coffee black with a little milk... go figure.

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