Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's Part of Life

I'm so sorry for my absence these several days. Brian and I have been dealing with our "senior citizens" recently. Angel is doing good and Bubba, we are taking it one day at a time. Bubba's levels for his liver are not good. Dr. Harris at VetMed did a ultrasound and found masses within his spleen with possible metastasis to his liver. Dr. Harris consulted with a radiologist and Dr. Gables. While not able to confirm them tumors without surgery, they think it is cancer. Brian and I have decided not to do any surgery for Bubba. He is on medication, eating tons of food and getting kissed about thirty times an hour. Bubba will be 17 years old this year and Brian has given him a wonderful life and would like for him to be comfortable for whatever time we have left with him... Allison at VetMed calls it "bonus time"... that's a very good way of looking at it. Bubba is doing fine right now and is napping in front of me after he ate most of my Mushroom-Swiss Burger. If you're asking me, I think he's working the "sad eyes" pretty well, just joking, I really love that dog. Brian, I feel, will be the most affected by Bubba's passing. How do you let go of a good friend and family member that has been by your side, through thick and thin for 17 long years? Not very easily.

Please keep Bubba and Brian in your prayers.

Thank you so much and I'll keep everyone updated.

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