Monday, January 10, 2011

And Then There was Three...

I've got very sad news, J.D. was attacked and killed by a Red-tailed Hawk late Friday afternoon.

When I got home, I noticed Rose and Dorothy under the deck but they were acting very strange. There was no sign of J.D. and Blanche. I took a quick look around the yard and no sign of the girls. Here's the honest truth, I started to panic a little. I ran around looking in the dog house, under the deck again and the garden area. By this time the Rose and Dorothy RAN into the roost and went straight inside which they NEVER, EVER DO. Just then, I went into BIG PANIC mode and started crying... some soon to be farmer, right?!?! Blanche all of a sudden came out of nowhere and ran straight for the roost too. Still no sign of J.D. I had this feeling of dread come over me. Just as I came up to the Willow tree and pond area, I saw feathers everywhere and then saw J.D. I called Brian immediately, crying. He was already on his way home from work and we buried her under the fruit trees in the garden. That night we brought Rose, Dorothy and Blanche in and took a closer look at them to make sure they were ok. They are fine physically but haven't come out the roost since Friday night.

On Saturday morning, our thought of a Red-tailed Hawk was confirmed by him (or her) swooping down for seconds. The hawk was about 4 to 5 feet wide with the wing span. I can see why the girls don't want to come out the roost. Brian and I now have a rule, the chickens don't come out unless we are out there with them in the yard.

We loved J.D. very much and will miss her.


  1. So very sorry about J.D., Angie. Mean old chickenhawk!!! :(

  2. I am so so sorry Angie. I know you loved her. ... She was such a pretty chicken :)