Friday, July 23, 2010

Man and Pumpkin

Here's the man and his pumpkin plant. Those two plants are the best plants he's ever grown... in his own words. They have taken over that whole area behind the garage.

The leaves on the main pumpkin plant are huge!

This is the pumpkin Brian would bet money on being the "ONE." He said it has the qualities of being a good big pumpkin. Of course he's taking extra special care for this one.

This is the main vine for the other pumpkin under the peach tree. Brian needs two different plants, one for the main pumpkin growing and the other for the male flowers to cross pollinate.

Here's a pumpkin on that same plant under the tree. He's got another one growing on this plant. You can see it right behind this one.

Brian also has a small bunny family living under these big leaves. Just look, it seems very safe and comfortable under here!!

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