Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"Farm" Hunting Part 2

We're trying to "Keep It Country"...

So we landed in "CO-OP COUNTRY"...

Welcome to Ashland City, Tennessee. It is beautiful over there... lots of hills, trees and the river.

Here's part of the 21 acres we looked at, just breath taking.


  1. when looking for land a few pointers...

    the obvious ones , water (rights), soil viability etc..but some things you think aw well we can do that but if it's done it REALLY helps and will save you a lot of time.. a good solid barn and fencing the fencing and how it's set up can be HUGE... trust me : ) and don't over look cost to clear... I'm excited for you it's a great adventure and every farm is different and your will be well YOU .. cheers clare from Big Table Farm

  2. CLARE!!

    Thank you so much for the pointers!! It is a great adventure and an emotional one too! I can't wait till we get our feet planted in our own land... talk about the American Dream!

    Thank you!!