Monday, July 26, 2010

Even More Farm Hunting!

This is how our "farm hunting" starts, Brian and I pile our minivan with bottles of water (Mountain Dew if we need the hard stuff), a map, list of farms and directions to each in my lap. We never know what we'll find on each trip.

This trip took us down south to Rutherford and Cannon County. Here in Woodbury Tennessee, we found a DRIVE-IN MOVIE THEATRE!! Moonlite Drive-In:

There are two in this area that I know of. The other is in Watertown, built about five years ago or more... Stardust Drive-In:

On our way to one of the farms in Woodbury, we saw an incredibly beautiful creek.

These guys and gals were drinking water from the dirt road further down the road. I've never seen this many butterflies together.

The landscapes were just breath taking. This one was in Liberty Tennesse, just northeast of Woodbury.

Liberty is also where I found a new mechanic! Move over Brian!! Just joking of course sweetie!! Love you Brian!!!

Nothing yet but all round a good trip. The experience we're getting is an eye-opener. Plus, we have gotten to see an even more beautiful side to Tennessee.

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