Thursday, July 15, 2010

Little Joe's Baby Pictures!!

Tess, Joe's first mom, well, I guess it would second mom because Joe's first mother would be his birth mom... anyway, Tess sent me some of Joe's baby pictures.

This is Joe's first mom, Madonna with Joe and his siblings. Madonna is a beautiful Buff Laced Polish. Joe's dad, Mr. Fluffers was a Silkie. Sadly Joe's dad is no longer with us but I heard he was one great rooster. Mr. Fluffers was very much loved by his momma Tess.

I believe this is Joe. He looks at me like that ALL the time!

One of Joe a little older.

They grow up so fast!

We can't wait till Joe and JD have a little family of their own.

Thank you Tess for Joe's baby pictures!!

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