Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Remembering Bubba

I'll try to catch up everyone on Brian's giant pumpkin.

Here's the start and preparation for the pumpkin. Brian places plastic on the soil to warm it up. Brian uses one of my meat thermometer to keep track of the tempature.

While we're waiting for everything to warm up, Brian starts growing the plant. This year, the spare bedroom closet is the incubator.

Brian named the pumpkin plant "Bubba" this year.

Brian also built this great wind-breaker...

The young pumpkin plant is very vulnerable to wind and heavy rain... which we are getting a bunch of.

This is Bubba earlier today. Bubba is outgrowing his windbreaker and Brian is thinking about making a add-on. The plant still needs protection from the weather until the vine grows out and establishes roots to anchor it down.

It's official, "Pumpkin Time" is on!

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