Monday, May 30, 2011

Prayers Needed for Jazz

This is Jazz and how we came about her is a long story. She is a rescue baby chick. Yesterday we had some dear friends come by, Anita and Dennis. On their way home they stopped by Petsmart for dog food for their "kids." At Petsmart was a lady that found this baby chick in her yard. She had no idea where it came from and no idea how to care for it. Without hesitation, Anita called us!

Without even thinking about it, we jump into the Seehafer Farm mini-van to the rescue! A BABY CHICK NEEDS OUR HELP!!!

As soon as we got her home, we got her body temperature up and try her to get to drink water, she was not doing that on her own very much. Jazz (we named her in memory of Dennis and Anita's wonder dog that passed away last year - Jazz was a wonderful dog!) was crying a bunch so I put a couple of stuffed animals in there for comfort and warmth... which believe it or not... WORKED! All night Brian and I were checking on her and the tempature of the baby roost. It was still touch and go with Jazz not drink water on her own.

We came up with a bright idea and as soon as it was 8am in the morning, we headed to Garr's (in Mount Juliet) and bought Jazz four new Bantam brothers and sisters (not sure what we have - straight run.)

Jazz is actually drinking water now with them and sleeping hard with her new siblings. We still need prayers for this little one. Jazz is not out of the woods yet.

Nothing like adding new "kids" to a house hold... breathes new life into it.

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