Monday, November 15, 2010

Video Man

Brian created the new job of camera man for Seehafer Farm. He'll be adding various videos of the "kids", farm adventures and giant pumpkins!

The first video: "Pumpkin Chasing BT" is about Brian's favorite girl, Pumpkin who loves to chase this squirrel who lives around our house somewhere. We can tell it's him by is short tail, hence the name BT, short for "Bobbed Tail." BT's entertainment is to annoy the girls and William Jake.

The second video: "Albert Showing Off For JD" is of Albert sliding down the hand rail of the back deck to get to his girl, JD! We actually thought he would fly down to her but why when you can look cool and slide down to your girl! Albert needs a little work on the "cool" part but he's doing great.

Enjoy the videos! There will be more to come by Brian, Seehafer Farm's camera man!

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