Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Taking Your Job Seriously

So, you're looking at this photo and thinking... "why is Angie showing us a picture of a tree?" Hmmm... well, if you look really carefully, in those branches there, Albert is amongst them!

Brian called out to me... "Angie, where's the camera?!?!? You're not going to believe this!" Brian grabbed the camera and took these shots of Albert. Brian said that he watched Albert come up the stairs onto the back deck (as usual), hop on the outside chair (still usual), fly/hop on the railing of the deck and fly up into the tree (not at all usual). Our guess is that Albert had to get to the highest place he can for the other roosters to hear him in the neighborhood. That kid takes his job pretty seriously.

You get 'em Albert!


  1. you may just find him on the roof soon

  2. You're speaking the truth Kirsten! We're waiting for that day!