Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Seehafer Family Members

Well, it's official, Brian and I have gone mad!! No, we've gone to the worms, red worms to be more specific! Brian got a dozen yesterday!

We've been talking for months now to start a worm compost. One of my dearest friends Michele in Portland had a "Worm Compost Farm" in her shed. It's actually a great idea and easy to take care of. This book is wonderful and explains everything from housing, care, food and bio-workings of worms!

You buy them a home, drill holes for air flow...

bedding, we used mushroom compost mixed with coconut husk- rinse the coconut husk out with water a few times or you can also use newspaper. Feed them your veggie food scrapes...VOILA, instant "Worm Poop Farm!!" I mean "Worm Compost Farm!"

The compost is REALLY GOOD for the plants!!

We'll check in on them this weekend to see if they are adjusting to their new home. Stay tuned!!

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