Friday, April 16, 2010

A Cute Story About Friendship

“The Bunny and Bubba”

There once lived a bunny named Trigger. Trigger was very lonely. He decided to go outside and find a new friend.

Trigger hopped all over the backyard till he came upon some chickens. He stopped and asked the girls if they would like to be friends. “Oh no, bunny. We are chickens and we only stick with each other” said one of the girls. Trigger was sad but he decided to move on. “There’s got to be my new friend out there somewhere” said Trigger to himself.

Trigger hopped on. Soon he came across a big white dirty smelly dog. Trigger stopped and said “Hello, I’m Trigger. You want to be friends?” The big white dirty smelly dog replied “I’m Bubba. I would love to be friends.”

So for the rest of the day, they stuck together. They went from here to there...

and then from there to here.

Trigger and Bubba had such a wonderful time together that they quickly became true friends. "Bubba, I'm very happy now" said Trigger. Bubba replied, "Kid, this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

The End.

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