Friday, April 9, 2010


The girls eggs come in all different shapes and sizes.

Now that they are getting older, the eggs seem to be getting bigger. One of the girls is actually laying HUGE EGGS! LOOK!! That's got to hurt!

JD laid this weird odd long shape egg. She lays at least once a day.

Even JD's eggs are getting bigger.

I think those girls are some hard working chickens!

Ya'll have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I need to come visit all the kids...

    Michael and I were thinking about getting 4 chickens... maybe??

    Need to check into how much work they would be

  2. so cute! wade and i might be buying in gallatin - but get this - they have a NO CHICKEN rule in town. disappointed! :(

  3. Hey Blair and Rachel!!

    I can't believe no chickens in Gallatin! You know and I know that chickens can make GREAT PETS... plus give you eggs!!

    Rachel, I'll help you with getting the chickens started if you and the kids want to keep some!! It's very exciting!!