Monday, October 12, 2009

Other Sunday News!

Guess what I found Sunday when I was cleaning out the girls' roost... OUR TWO FIRST EGGS! (I just thought this was a good picture of the girls. JD is right in the middle of them. She likes to snuggle to get warm.)

The eggs were small and brown in color. One was broken. Brian put that one in the compost pile...

but the other was perfect.


  1. Angie, try putting some straw or shredded paper in a nest box of some kind. That will help keep the eggs from being broken, and help them stay cleaner. For a "pullet egg" this one looks really good-sized. The first eggs are often very small.
    Hens will nest in almost anything that's roomy, stable, and safe enough. I use cat litter pans with the lids, and milk crates, and sometimes just cardboard boxes. Just be sure the sides aren't too low, and she can get in and turn around easily (a cubic foot or a bit more is usually good)and it doesn't invite roosting. Then remember to collect the eggs frequently so the birds don't develop a taste for them.
    Congratulations, and best luck with your endeavors.

  2. JUDY!! The girls keep pushing out the straw in that area. Brian and I still have to make them their nesting boxes in the house... I like the idea of milk crates. They are so fun to have and we were very excited about the start of eggs. I'll get more straw in there for them.

    I'll email soon!