Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Pumpkin Chronicles

Brian took some pictures of the pumpkin yesterday afternoon. All the green leaves behind the pumpkin are brand new. The powdery mildew took out all of the older leaves. What's left of the original leaves are in front of the pumpkin in this picture. You can tell a difference.

He's got rods on the sides to see if she is growing and she's still growing but slowly.

I believe she is getting more orange in color too!

Brian thinks she might weight about 300 pounds right now... maybe, it's hard to tell, the shape is always changing.


  1. I definitely think she is getting more orange. That was my first thought when I looked at it.

  2. She's getting big! You guys want to help move her when it's time?!?!? HE EHEEHEE HEEE!!! Make sure you're out of town then!!