Monday, August 10, 2009

Cousin Hera's Point of View

Saturday, Nancy (Brian's mom), Glenda (our sister-in-law/Robby's wife) and I headed out to see Robby (Brian's brother) and Dale (Brian's best friend) race remote control race cars. Hera is Robby and Glenda's sweet baby girl. Hera is a yellow lab almost one year old. She wanted to take pictures and do the blog today. So here is Ms. Hera and her view of the day...
"Hi world, I'm Hera!"

"This is my dad (on the left) and my Uncle Dale with their cars. They are getting them ready for a race. My mom is in the picture too!"

"Here's my mom, up on the table, taking video of my dad racing. That's my Granny Nancy in the red shirt!"

"Here's me drinking my water. Aunt Angie took this picture of me."

"The day was long and hot but we all had lots of fun! Dad and Uncle Dale did great today!"

Thank you Hera, YOU DID A GREAT JOB! Love that puppy!! Uncle Brian was working on Saturday, we missed him out there.


  1. Not sure. Granny Nancy and I stayed out there for two & a half to three hours... and they were only racing for spots in the main race. The final big race wasn't for another hour & half after we left! It's a long day out there but it was very cool!!