Friday, August 28, 2009

Newest Member of the Seehafer Bunch...

Meet "JD" everyone!! This is Brian's girl. He picked her out that the Wilson County Fair on Wednesday night. Brian said that she reminded him of "Joe Dirt"! What a funny movie!! You have to see it if you haven't yet!

JD is a Sultan Chicken and one of the sweetest chickens ever, along with the girls, of course! We are working on introducing everyone together so they can live happily ever after!

Don't you just love her feathers on her head!! I think she needs a "hair" clip for them.


  1. I LOVE her!! Good job Brian. Tiff kept begging for a rabbit. I told her we will buy it, but it's going to live with trigger (I think thats your rabbit's name) HEHEHE!!!

  2. She's soo cute !! Miss little fancy
    Love you sis !!