Monday, June 22, 2009

RC & Moon Pie Festival, Bell Buckle Tennessee-PART 4

We stopped at Corinne's friends who own a candy shop in Bell Buckle. She loaded up on one of her favorite candies... taffy!

On our way to the next stop, the Festival's Play, I had to get a RC & a Moon Pie!

So with my RC & Moon Pie in hand, we enjoyed the play. It was a GREAT DAY!!

RC-Moon Pie Festival 2009 Schedule of Events:
7:00 am RC-Moon Pie 10 Mile Run
9:00 am Art & Craft Fair/Food Court – Open All Day
9:30 am Cloggers
10:00 am RC-Moon Pie 10 Mile Race ™ Awards
10:30 am Cloggers
11:00 am RC-Moon Pie Parade
11:30 am Cloggers
12:00 pm Contests--Family who traveled the Farthest, Oldest Person Present, Youngest Person Present
12:15 pm Synchronized Wading
1:00 pm Uncle Tom's Band
2:00 pm Coronation and Opening of Olympic Games
2:15 pm People's Bank of Bedford county Games--Moon Pie Toss, RC Dash, Moon Pie Hoops, Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest, Hog Calling Contest
3:45 pm King and Queen select Knights. World's Largest Moon Pie Cut & Served by the King and Queen and Knights of the Moon Pie Round
4:00 pm Uncle Tom's Band

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