Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Creating a Bratty Kid

Albert is finally feeling at home here at Seehafer Farm. The girls are still picking on him but he's quick! Just wait, they get their "comeupins!"... hmmm, let's look that word up...

"Comeupins" from Urban
Getting what you deserve. Usually in some form of punishment, especially a beating.

You girls better watch your backs when Albert gets bigger!!

So, Brian read in one of our chicken books that fish is very good source of protein for the girls and Albert. It does however, if fed a lot of fish, make the eggs taste fishy... you are what you eat! Brian gets this great idea, grabs his yellow bucket and heads to the bait shop to buy 4 dozen minnows for the kids. He comes back, sets the yellow bucket down and the girls gather near. Brian pulls out the first fish, gives it to Albert (because his is the baby.) Albert grabs the wiggling fish and takes off like a race horse. The girls have no idea what happened and gets even closer to see what Brian has in his hands. Brian pulls out a couple more and the girls just go wild! Each girl got several minnows and Albert came back like a dozen times! Brian puts up the rest of the fish.

About a half an hour later I walked outside on the deck to check on the kids and this is what I found... Albert waiting for more minnows! He wanted to make sure you can't miss him! I emailed Albert's first mom, Holly. And told her the story. She said... "The minnows are just fine and if your not careful you will create the bratty kid that wants McDonalds for every meal but in chicken form." Well, Holly was right! Brian has created a bratty kid...

Holly, if you're reading this, we still love Albert!! Albert follows Brian around everywhere he goes. He's Brian's bird now!

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