Thursday, October 28, 2010

Brian's Bratty Kid

This is the weekend routine with the "kids"... Brian heads out very early to get them their bucket of minnows and a small plastic cup of grubs for Albert... he gets minnows too.

When Brian gets home, they all get very excited. They start to follow Brian where ever he goes. Just for giggles, Brian walks around the yard with the "kids" following in line. It looks like a mama duck being followed by her baby ducks.

Albert loves spending time with Brian, especially with that little plastic cup in Brian's hand. Albert knows that there's something tasty in cup. This whole process lasts all day, getting fish breaks with the "kids." Then it starts all over again on Sunday morning.

Blanche and Pumpkin just wanted their picture taken. They look pretty happy, don't you think?!?! NOT!!!

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