Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Let's Talk Chicken

Since we're on the subject, I pulled out my 2009 McMurray Hatchery Catalog. I got this catalog to dream about the "someday" I'll get them. With the great generosity of a good friend and also a chicken lover, Stasia give me the girls last May.

The girls are Light Brahma Chickens and a great "starter" chicken for beginners, which we are. Their temperament is sweet, plus they are hardy chickens.

With the love of chickens growing for us, we got JD at the 2009 Wilson County Fair in August. For the big purchase price of $4.00! This is JD, short for Josephine Dirt... Brian named her... she's his girl.

This is JD in the catalog, a Sultan chicken. They are more of an ornamental chicken but she does lay some pretty cute small eggs. We feel in love with her hairdo!

The next kind of chicken that I'd love to invest in is the Rhode Island Reds. They are great egg producing chickens. Next to our girls, they are very beautiful looking chickens.

Well class, that's it for today on the types of chickens. We'll explore more on this at a later date.

Class dismissed!

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