Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ambrose Family House

"The house was designed by Ryman architect Hugh Cathcart Thompson and was home to the Ambrose Family for forty years. By 1980 the house had been divided into eight apartments. It then stood vacant and abandoned for 20 years. Like its East End victorian neighborhood, the Ambrose House has been restored to the grandeur of its 19th century origins."

I've only fell in love with one house and this is the house, the Ambrose Family House. The moment we crossed paths, it was love at first sight. The house was not in good shape when I went in. Pigeons were flying round inside on the third floor but I could see what she would have looked like in glory days.

For years I would drive by and check up on her. Finally someone bought the house and restored it to it's proper stature. It's located at 122 S 12th Street in Nashville, Tennessee. They now use the house for weddings, parties and events. I turned out so beautiful. She stands tall now.

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