Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Turtles are Family Too!

Yesterday I was going through all the pictures I took this year (2009) and I couldn't believe I have never introduced the turtles! This is Shelley. She is a female Box Turtle and has an attitude to match one cranky red cat... not naming names but see yesterday's blog below!

Shelley lives with Bug (another female) and Lucky (a male). All have been rescued. Shelley and Lucky were attacked by some kind of animal.

They all are healthy and live peacefully.

Brian and I are going to move them to their new area with a prime view of the pumpkin patch! They will have lots more room and last year I started a test run of growing some good green plants for them to eat.

Right now they have dug holes and covered themselves up for winter. We'll see the kids in spring.

Not to worry, everyone here at Seehafer Farm is in good hands.

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