Friday, December 4, 2009

KC "Furball" Seehafer?

Alright, the more KC... aka "Furball" (yes Brian changed his name again) stays with us, the harder it is to let him go. When Rue died in June this year, the dynamics changed in the family. It took time for all of us to find our place. Now, KC is here, the dynamics are changing. At first ALL of us didn't take to kindly having a rambunctious puppy around but now, there is actually something good happening. I believe we are finding our places again. We have a morning routine now. When I finish feeding Bubba, Tootie and KC, they start to "play". I don't think Bubba thinks it's playing but it is. Tootie stands in the middle, KC runs around Tootie chewing on her ears and Bubba tries to shue him away. This goes on about 15 minutes and then it's morning nap time.

By the way, KC has been accepted in the "Dog House Club." He sleeps in the dog house now! Bubba didn't let him for the first week, so KC had to sleep in a makeshift house. Bubba is slowly changing his mind about the puppy... it gives him something to do everyday. KC needs a lot of guidance! Can't you tell by that face! We'll have to work with him on the chickens. KC thinks that they are lollypops!


  1. I love lil KC. He is so sweet and loving... Tiff is dying to come see him. Maybe sometime this weekend :))

  2. Oh my!! I LOVE this blog! Really makes me smile! And of course KC has a very special place in my heart! He must feel like he's in heaven now...he's come a long way from being shut in a dark garage by himself or just being let out to run into the street! :-) Love you guys!

  3. Angie! I found you!! lol KC is adorable! My blog is at:
    Still trying to find you on Facebook! :)
    LOVE your blog-its just toooo cute!!!!!


  4. Merry Christmas from the Marcum Farm!