Monday, June 7, 2010

Meet LJ ... AKA "Little Joe"

Meet the newest little man of the house. LJ hails from a farm in Murfreesboro. Tess (LJ's mom) took this picture of him. It was such a pleasure meeting Tess and we hope to stay in touch with her!

Tess said, LJ is a Polish-Silkie cross. He's got blue skin and 5 toes... typical of Silkie breeds. He about a year old like the girls. We got LJ for JD, for company and maybe some day, have little baby chicks! I guess the chicks would be Polish Silkie Sultans!?!?

On the ride home, he was very good and quiet. I was kinda worried about him because he was so quiet.

After we got home, we let LJ out to move around his new back yard and introduce the girls to him. He started feeling a little bit more comfortable... and then... he crowed! That's when I felt better.

This morning he crowed about 5am... right on time! Now it's starting to sound like a real farm!

Tess, thank you so much for Little Joe!! We absolutely love him!! He's a great addition to the Seehafer Farm! We'll take great care of LJ!!

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  1. I'm so excited he has such a good home! :o)