Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Brian and I picked our first batch of strawberries this weekend! We waited to let the girls out of the roost that day because they head straight to the berry patch. Let me tell you, they were watching us.

Brian weighed those strawberries and we picked about two pounds. I washed, prepared and froze those for later. I think we're going to try our hand at strawberry wine this year!



  1. OMG... These look so YUMMY!!

  2. HEy, how many plants gave you all those strawberries? I have 9 plants I put in this year and it is exciting for everyone to see the flowers and green strawberries...but I'm think 9 strawberry plants is not enough to feed 3 hungry girls and their mom.
    This gardening is all new to me...just figuring it all out.

  3. Kirsten!! You know, Brian planted lots of strawberry plants last year. We're new to growing them too. I know the first year of the plant is the time where they are you should let them develop and let them get their roots in. The second year is when you pick the berries. I'll have to read the Strawberry Guide book again but I believe that's right.

    Good luck! I know you girls will grow great strawberries! Nothing like home grown berries!!

  4. The plants we have are sending out runners. But I think I will plant some more in the fall and then just devote a whole 4 x 4 square to them because like you said, nothing is better than home grown berries.

  5. I want some!!!! Anyone got any Cool Whip?? :)