Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Flea Market Part Two!

Part Two of "Flea Market Adventure with Brian!" With no disrespect (I actually love the Breast Cancer T-Shirt), I just started laughing to myself because when I saw this one, I just wanted to hug Brian! Get it?!?!?! Never mind.

Speaking of boob... I mean Brian... he found this 8mm film projector. It needed some work.

I saw this and my WONDERFUL HUSBAND BRIAN said to take a picture of it and he'll make it for me. Isn't he THE BEST!! I've got lots of kissing up to do with the comments above!

Thought this would be a great kitchen island.

Church pews are just beautiful.

On other news, Bubba is doing fine. He's sleeping of the anaesthesia today and Tootie has been given direct orders to watch over him. She is taking her job seriously and has not left his side. We love those dogs!

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